I have been a resident of Huntersville for over forty years allowing me to watch the town grow from dirt roads and farms to the bustling suburb it is today.

After graduating from North Mecklenburg High School, I obtained an Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Central Piedmont Community College and later took courses at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte which led me to my successful career in business as an Accountant, Construction Manager, Safety Director, and Insurance Broker. I have been a member of many community organizations and served in many roles including Lieutenant Governor of Optimist International, President of the American Society of Safety Engineers, President of Long Creek Community Organization, as well as a member and secretary of Long Creek Masonic Lodge.

My wife, Charlotte, daughter, Jennifer, and son, Brian, helped me to dedicate myself to Huntersville and the North Mecklenburg area. My experience, made possible with support, uniquely qualifies me to represent Huntersville as your Town Commissioner. 

My Vision

Our Issues

Economic Growth

A growing economy helps keep tax rates lower, but that growth must be good for Huntersville, not just for the sake of growth. No one wants to make that I-77 daily commute and that's why I want to invite new business to expand and move here. I want to increase our job market so you can work, live, and play in Huntersville.


It's no secret that Huntersville is behind on correcting our existing transportation infrastructure. It must be a priority to catch up! Huntersville needs to make responsible decisions with future projects. The community and surrounding areas feel the effects of our lack of infrastructure from commute times to car maintenance. I will work with the state as best as I can to improve our town's infrastructure and relieve continued congestion.


For over twenty years as a Cost Accountant for the City of Charlotte and managing a multi-million dollar construction fund, I learned what it meant to be a fiscally responsible. When dealing with such a fund, keeping track of spending is paramount. I am fiscal conservative and I believe that Huntersville must be true to itself and its growth.

Public Safety

As a past member of Statesville Road Volunteer Fire Department, I have learned first-hand the hard work and dedication it takes to serve the Huntersville community. First Responders (police, fire, and medic) will always have my support. I will strive to make Huntersville the safest town in North Carolina.


Candidate Questionnaire

Please give your position on the new Town Hall proposal.

I do not think it is the right time. I do feel the referendum should have occurred. Location cost was more the process, due to storm drain issues and costs. If the town hall is built, the two parcels should be available to sell for restaurant and commercial business development to gain funds.

Do you view promoted population growth as a positive or negative for the town and residents?

The growth is positive for our tax base, however, infrastructure has suffered because they have not made developers make necessary improvements to roads, intersections, sidewalks, and green space improvements. They have allowed them to build without improving infrastructure. We had zoning in place, just don’t approve all the conditional re-zonings without the caveat of added infrastructure.

Do you believe the 2040 Community Plan to be doctrine and unflappable?

I think any community, neighborhood, or small area plan should be a guideline reasonable for growth, just not a Bible. We do need to manage growth better than we have.

How will you specifically address real traffic concerns?

In reality, we don’t have TIA requirements. It is so weak, developers don’t have to do any improvements. We must rebuild our relationships with the State in order to get the funding needed to make improvements on those State maintained roads.

How do you personally weigh historical versus new build?

I am a member of Hopewell Presbyterian Church. Two hundred and seventy-five years’ worth of history is worth saving.

What is your stance on Public-Private partnerships? For downtown revitalization?

Funding any revitalization will depend on public/private partnerships unless you want taxes to go up. We could do bond referendums, but that is debt to have to pay back.

What is your view on transparency in the local government? Should the 3-on-3 continue?

The 3-on-3 is totally voluntary, to provide staff a chance to meet commissioners and save their time and the town’s money to answer questions and for commissioners to learn about problems, zoning, and staff concerns.

How should Town Hall invest in downtown development?

We should only be a facilitator, not a realtor.

How would you work to improve our schools?

Mend out broken relationships with the county and the school board.

What would you tell your friends to do in your ideal revitalized downtown?

The ideal downtown Huntersville would have shopping, restaurants, a park, and youth activities. Right now, we have less than 50% of that.

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